Articaine hydrochloride 40mg/mL and epinephrine bitartrate 0.018 or 0.009 mg/mL Injection  

Oraboc® is articaine aseptically manufactured now distribuited in Canada

  • The anaesthesia is obtained rapidly (1 to 3 minutes) and lasts from 45-75 minutes per cartridge¹

  • Reactions to Orabloc are characteristic of amide-type local anaesthetics

  • Up to 24  months shelf life at room temperature

  • Sodium edetate free, methylparaben free and latex free

  • Each cartridge is sealed individually in the blister for maximum protection

       ¹Clinical significance has not been established

here a copy of the Orabloc Product Monograph to read and print


Orabloc, along with other local anaesthetics, is capable of producing methaemoglobinaemia. The clinical signs of methaemoglobinaemia are cyanosis of the nail beds and lips, fatigue and weakness. 

Orabloc contains sulphites which can cause or aggravate anaphylactic-type reactions.

Toxic reactions may occur in the case of overdosage or accidental intravenous injection.

The following precautions apply to all anaesthetics: avoid injection into an inflamed or infected area. Injections should always be made slowly with frequent aspirations in order to verify the absence of intravascular injection. The lowest dosage (volume and concentration) that produces the desired results should be used to avoid high plasma levels and serious systemic side effects. The actual dosage and maximum dosage must be individualized, based on the age, height, and physical status of the patient and the expected rate of systemic absorption from the injection site.

As with all local anaesthetics the dosage varies and depends upon the area to be anaesthetized, the vascularity of the tissues, the number of numeral segments to be blocked, individual tolerance and the technique of anaesthesia.


Orabloc®-Articaine \ Canada


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